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Traxio branding / digital / social

Traxio, being the representative of the automotive sector in Belgium, knows mobility and transport are difficult subjects. The people they represent are facing more and more misinformed consumers each day. Traxio wanted to fix this. They asked SUPERMACHINE to give them a voice through which they could speak to end consumers.

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De Krook

De Krook digital / print / social / video

We sparked the curiosity of Ghent residents by releasing five videos during the campaign with a well-known Ghent resident in the lead.

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Coca Cola Enterprises digital / field activation / print / social

Coca-Cola asked SUPERMACHINE’s help to make it easier for colleagues to spread some compliments across Europe. Let’s be honest, giving a compliment isn’t a regular thing to do, especially once we’re talking across borders.

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start-up program

Teamleader branding / digital

SUPERMACHINE understands the world of startups better than anyone else, We opted for an insights-based approach and sought to reach the young starters by connecting with them over their values through storytelling. What keeps them up at night? What are their needs and how can we fulfill them through Teamleader?

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Ghent University digital / field activation / social

Ghent University wanted a strong information and awareness campaign over the entire Ghent University community. A completely digital campaign targeting instructors, administrators, hospital personnel, students… and one that is as memorable as possible.

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Fanta Play

Fanta digital / social

Fanta had a nice campaign for GenZ in mind and was looking for an agency with digital pizzazz. They didn’t go thirsty for a long time because SUPERMACHINE was the ideal partner.

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Sporza video / digital / social

Sporza turned ten and wanted to celebrate with its sports fans community as well as with mothers at home, making it a wide target audience. Brand interaction was paramount so getting the most out of the existing platforms and style was key.

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Ghent University branding / print / social / digital

Ghent University is an icon in the city, so for a Ghent based advertising agency, it had hometown advantage. Ghent University knocked on SUPERMACHINE’s door to give the Six Pillars, the credo on which the university was built, a more human touch.

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Randstad digital / video / social / print / field activation

Game changers like Uber or Airbnb have already demonstrated to various markets how to be more transparent or efficient. Could Randstad do the same?

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Versele-Laga print / digital / social

The international manufacturer of quality pet food and care products Versele-Laga wanted a new end-of-year campaign. A campaign that showed their clients, employees and partners Versele-Laga appreciates everything they did for the company during the past year.

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NIBC Direct

NIBC branding / digital

NIBC Direct, an online savings bank has one central contact point, their website. SUPERMACHINE was assigned the task of a full website rebrand with one clear objective: “Give us a personal touch.”

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NIBC digital / social

NIBC Direct was looking purely for an image campaign to lead to the end of the year. It wanted a campaign that jumped ahead of competitors, but specifically with a clear and positive message.

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Creative Ville City V3

Creative Ville

Flanders DC digital / social / print / branding / field activation

Uhmm…okay. But how in God’s name do you make the entire Flemish creative sector crazy about an event? SUPERMACHINE didn’t find it so difficult since they already live in the world of creatives. And by breaking it into 12 sections, the world proved much bigger, more intense and wilder than imagined.

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