Tell me why don't you get a job?

  • Interns wanted

    SUPERMACHINE is busy. Very busy. And it will be even busier than busy during the upcoming months. That's why we are looking for interns who are still available this year.

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  • Copywriter? Copyrighter? Copyraider?

    As you can see, we are looking for an experienced copywriter, who lives to understand the world around him or her. Who wants to use his/her knowledge to create relevant solutions for brands. A team player and big dreamer, who believes advertising can be so much more interesting than it is right now. Who spits words like Eminem, Obama and the Scatman in a rap battle.

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  • $this.frontendDeveloper = 'wanted'

    Be part of our MACHINE. As a front-end developer, you design and develop visually powerful platforms. And if this joke makes you laugh, you definitely fit the team. There are 10 types of people. Those who can read binary code, and those who can’t.

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