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Are you deaf?

De Tuut van Tegenwoordig radio / social / strategy / digital

Take care of those beeping ears!

Over young people are now at risk of hearing damage. It's high time to throw the old ways out of the window; pointing fingers and placing blame doesn't work.

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A view for a view

Light For The World video / digital / social / community management / print

Make them see

28 million people in developing countries suffer from curable blindness. How do we raise real awareness surrounding this issue? And how can we combat this injustice?

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Coca Cola Mockup 2 Small


Coca Cola Enterprises digital / field activation / print / social

Say it with a compliment.

Coca-Cola asked SUPERMACHINE’s help to make it easier for colleagues to spread some compliments across Europe. Let’s be honest, giving a compliment isn’t a regular thing to do, especially once we’re talking across borders.

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Fanta Play

Fanta digital / social


Fanta had a nice campaign for GenZ in mind and was looking for an agency with digital pizzazz. They didn’t go thirsty for a long time because SUPERMACHINE was the ideal partner.

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99 problems, but culture ain't one

C Culture Culture Recap Recap

A Crash Course in Creativity by Leon Römer

Leon Römer gave us a crash course in creativity for creatives and ... well, for everyone as it turns out. He started the evening with a strong statement.

“Everyone can be creative.

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H HOORAY HOORAY Friyay! Friyay!

Fantastical Fien's Friyay!

Each and every Friday we rush towards our deadlines. Because during the afternoon, we Friyay! Yes, it's a verb now. It's our weekly inspirational date with the team.

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