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De Krook

De Krook print / video / digital / social
The inspiration source for culture, knowledge and innovation - how to introduce it in Ghent?

We sparked the curiosity of Ghent residents by releasing five videos during the campaign with a well-known Ghent resident in the lead.

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Fanta Play

Fanta digital

Fanta had a nice campaign for Gen Z in mind and was looking for an agency with digital pizzazz. They didn’t go thirsty for a long time because SUPERMACHINE was the ideal partner. 

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Sporza video / digital / social
Happy Birthday, Sporza!

Sporza turned ten and wanted to celebrate with its sports fans community as well as with mothers at home, making it a wide target audience. Brand interaction was paramount so getting the most out of the existing platforms and style was key. 

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99 problems, but culture ain't one

L Lucky Lucky Loek Loek

Lucky Loek!

A long time ago (1992) in a galaxy far, far away (Holland), a new hope was born: Loek. He is a self-described “semi-Belgian.” Which not only means that he loves cheese almost as much as he loves fries, but also that SUPERMACHINE is now officially a multicultural brand, baby! Get ready world, cause here we come.

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N New New Hire Hire

SUPERMACHINE welcomes Bjorn Coucke!

Bjorn missed SUPERMACHINE, and lucky for him SUPERMACHINE missed Bjorn as well. During his internship at the company, he fell in love with copywriting and with the team (in a purely platonic way).

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