Giving a human face to an online savings bank.


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Trust between customer and bank forms the solid foundation.



Let's show some personality.

NIBC Direct was looking purely for an image campaign to lead to the end of the year. It wanted a campaign that jumped ahead of its competitors, but specifically with a clear and positive message.

At NIBC Direct’s request, the campaign had a completely digital roll-out via social media channels and display advertising. Throughout the campaign the online savings bank wanted to show personality despite lacking the face-to-face opportunities brick and mortar buildings bring.

"By offering a feel-good platform, we aim to create an even better relationship between NIBC Direct and its existing customers."


But no ads.

NIBC Direct explicitly stated in the briefing that they were after an image campaign and not one that puts products or services in the spotlight to attract new customers.

So we decided not to advertise, but to give away the banner space to the loyal customers. Offering a feel-good platform aimed at creating an even better relationship between NIBC Direct and its existing customers.

Wensmee beeld1


Wishing together.

On a module was built which allowed NIBC Direct customers to wish their friends and family the best for the new year on a holiday card to be sent via email to the right inbox.

During the first weeks of January 2015 a selection of the best and warmest greetings were highlighted on banner space that NIBC made available in its advertising campaigns. That’s how the savings bank suddenly felt a lot more human.


Creative Direction

  • Bas De Hooghe


  • Stijn Hens
  • Laurijn Deschepper
  • Niel Van Herck

Account Direction

  • Elke De Vilder


  • NIBC
  • Lieven Vos