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A tribute to the most famous Belgian treasure: fries

week van de friet


Excercise? Extra fries!

Every year, during “Week van de Friet” us Belgians honour our fries. To boost the love, VLAM asked SUPERMACHINE and PR-agency Walkie Talkie to come up with an influencer based and press-worthy campaign for the coming 3 years.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like fries?


Hungry statues

A wide target group, ‘cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t like fries? So we needed to grab the attention. A creative hook, ready to conquer Instagram feeds. Since fries are part of our cultural heritage, we used that same heritage to honour our golden sticks. Heritage celebrating heritage.

For that, we gave famous statues all-over Flanders the typical cone bag, filled with fries. Overnight, as a surprise for the citizens and visitors. An eye-catcher, worth a smile and a picture. As an extra, we changed some of the priority triangles on the streets into cone bags as well.

Weekvandefriet fotocollage 02

Together with partner Walkie Talkie, we supported the guerilla action with offline and online press coverage, an influencer campaign and a social media advertising strategy.

Attiring visuals, polls concerning our fries-eating behaviour and a warm welcome to go out and eat at our famous “frietkoten”.

The coming years we will depart from the ‘heritage honouring heritage’ idea again, yet from another creative angle. Curious much?

Stop the presses!

Our campaign got picked up by nearly all national and regional press. Guess our fries are hot news! A big thank you to all the journalists.

Weekvandefriet instagram 01


What. A. Campaign.

Thanks to the amazing work of Walkie Talkie and the creative approach of the campaign, we made it to almost every press, regional and national. With highlights in TV news, all news websites and the channels of the Belgian consulate in the United States.

In addition, many internet stars picked up the campaign, resulting in a gigantic reach. Every euro invested was returned in triplicate through media attention. And we had an excuse to eat fries for a week.

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