What the Nutri!?


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Do you know what you eat?




Test-Aankoop, being the Belgian consumer protection organisation, wanted to bring everyone up to speed with the Nutri-Score and for them to use the tool during their everyday shopping.

The Nutri-Score is a quick and easy way to spot how well-balanced your shopping habits are.


Everybody is interested in food

With a limited budget and a short deadline SUPERMACHINE went to work. Reaching the entire Belgian population is no easy task. That’s why we decided to split our target audience into four main groups, each having a specific relationship with food.


Emotion is key

We decided to fixate our efforts on grandparents, parents, students and aware shoppers, and surprise them with disbelief concerning their own buying habits. A powerful weapon if there ever was one.

For grandparents this meant we had to focus on the apples in their eyes, their grandchildren. Parents were sent ads that helped them detect which foods contain too much sugar or salts. Students were surprised with their own snacking habits and conscious buyers were targeted with facts even they might not have known.


Social is the way to go

We delivered a powerful and visually inspired social media campaign that managed to reach every segment of our target audience. Stop motion animations made our content stand out in a positive way.

Every ad led to an informative website we set up, to even further inform our target audience. The site was a quick and easy to use guide to the Nutri-Score, where consumers could compare the scores of some of their favourite products.


A stomach full

In just 4 weeks time we reached almost 950.000 people, 12.000 of which visited the site. But more importantly: stores without Nutri-Scores in their aisles have become unthinkable.


People reached


Website visits


Creative Director

  • Dieter Vanhoof


  • Fien Foubert
  • Bjorn Coucke
  • Dennis Hellebaut
  • Niel Van Herck


  • Suzan Van Dijck
  • Ward De Boeck
  • Robin Leblon

Account Director

  • Elke De Vilder

Account Manager

  • Katrien Schockaert
  • Stefanie Heyvaert