Watch out, hackers at work!

Ghent University

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(Or that's what you thought, right?)



Protect our data!

Ghent University is wrestling with IT-issues around security: IDs are shared and misused. Phishing emails surface frequently; colleagues are not too careful with passwords on Post-its… A disaster waiting to happen considering that UGhent works with volumes of sensitive data.

That’s why Ghent University wanted a strong information and awareness campaign over the entire UGhent community. A completely digital campaign targeting instructors, administrators, hospital personnel, students… and one that is as memorable as possible.


Pro-active and creative.

Centralize, humanize and mesmerize… those were the keywords. Pointing and wagging a finger hasn’t worked in a long time, so we chose to do some heavy-hitting campaigns which centered on deep insights into the target groups the campaigns were geared towards.

No more wait and see approach; it was time to pro-actively make the university community aware what would happen if their information landed in the wrong hands on- or offline.

We created a subtle, but efficient way to keep the buzz going in an awareness campaign (without appearing too pushy) and each time with a link to the platform.

Hackers on the job.

To stand out, the platform had a retro-90s look and feel. Every aspect of IT safety was highlighted and supported with a pack of tips and tricks to be safe in the digital world.

To lure people towards the campaign, we “hacked” the Rector's and Ghent University's Twitter accounts, and sent a fake phishing mail together with a fake login screen online.

On campus, USB keys were "left behind" with fake documents. Whenever someone fell into the trap, he or she was sent to the platform.

By fully understanding the target group and the correct use of technology, students were challenged to actively reflect on the dangers, rather than being told what to do.


Creative direction

Account Direction