Whispering walls at Fort Napoleon

Stad Oostende


SUPERMACHINE transforms the historical fortress off Ostend.

Fort Napoleon


Create a permanent exhibition for Fort Napoleon.

We are going to be honest... This was not an easy brief. At first, it seemed to be a simple, creative thinking exercise but soon it resulted in a technical, creative and ambitious concept.

Something we are quite proud of, but at the same time realistic. At SUPERMACHINE, we believe that if we want to create an experience that creates long-term impact for both the City of Ostend and Fort Napoleon, we must have the courage to do so.

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"This is the fortress where visitors walk along the walls, with their heads close to the stones. Because here, in Fort Napoleon, the walls are whispering."

The main attraction of the Fort is the building itself: its location and architecture. We need to create an experience that, while respecting that environment, strengthens that appeal.

An experience based on the latest trends in experience marketing, combined with the element of tranquillity.

How does it work?

With invisible audio beams, we send very specific stories to the ears of our visitors. You can hear whispers up to one meter away from the wall. Further away, you hear nothing at all. This way, you truly need to get in touch with the fortress. Each installation is activated by a Bluetooth beacon, pinned to a visitors badge.

So, no false walls or technical installations that dishonour the space. The fort remains authentic and we use the existing environment as an element of atmosphere.

A specific colour is projected onto each wall that whispers. Instagramers go wild! And so the visitor immediately knows which wall is hiding a whispering message.


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