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One out of five young adults suffers from chronic ear damage.


The briefing.

Tinnitus is serious business.

Tinnitus is serious business. One out of five young adults suffers from chronic ear damage, resulting in a permanent beep. Time for some action.

Test-Aankoop, Belgium’s consumer watchdog, has been researching the quality of a wide range of earplugs, concluding custom made earplugs are the way to go.

The level of damage reduction is at its highest, and next to that, but equally important, the perception of sound and music stays more or less the same. You can still have a decent conversation when plugged in and it’s still possible to enjoy the music to the max.

Unfortunately, this is not the cheapest option, so Test-Aankoop organized a group purchase at a reduced rate.

As their structural campaign partner, SUPERMACHINE was asked to promote the group purchase towards young adults.

Next to that, they wanted us to create an awareness campaign to show the dangers of ear damage.

"2.2 million Belgian people will suffer from hearing damage during festival season."


Especially during the festival season, those young ears are extremely vulnerable. It was obvious to us this would be the battlefield.

We added social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), owned media, the Test Aankoop newsletter, magazine and well-targeted emails to enlarge the reach. Young adults and teenagers at first, but their parents too.

To stand out during the festivals, we created human-sized ears.

They walked around the field, danced their asses off during the shows, and were handing out ear-shaped flyers linking to the issue and the solution (i.e. the group purchase). They were “ear to protect.”

We re-used the videos and images we made during the festivals in a social media campaign, with retargeting on the festival visitors.

Eartoprotect approach

No pointing the finger, no negativity, no “we tell you what to do”, but a fun campaign right in the target's world.

For those not attempting the festivals, there was a big social media campaign based on a contest. You could win a free pair of custom made plugs by subscribing on the website.

Through A/B-testing we made sure we were running the most efficient ads.

SUPERMACHINE created a custom made website as the main platform for the entire campaign, including a database for data capturing. All actions ended on Via emailing we gave the final push for subscribing.

An efficient campaign for a noble cause.


We were able to convince almost 10.000 people to register on our website.

A huge crowd we managed to give that extra push to finally order those custom earplugs. Music, maestro!





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