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Over young people are now at risk of hearing damage. It's high time to throw the old ways out of the window.

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Over young people are now at risk of hearing damage. It's high time to throw the old ways out of the window; pointing fingers and placing blame doesn't work.

"Are you one of over young people at risk of hearing damage?"


It's time to face the music.

Politicians see it as a health problem. So, they tried solving it by putting restrictions on the amount of decibels concerts or festivals can produce.

It makes young people feel powerless. It puts the blame on festival and concert venues. And, it makes musicians feel targeted and part of the problem.

If we want to be successful, we have to get the musicians on our side in order to give credibility to the problem and our solution.


Hearing is believing.

We partnered up with the radio stations at Medialaan. They already know how to reach our target audience. We aired a 30-seconds commercial with otne of Belgium’s legendary deejays, Yves Deruyter, who suffers from hearing loss and tinnitus himself.

He lent his new single to us, which we altered. Bit by bit we stripped the song until nothing but a single, elongated and annoying beep remained. That’s what hearing loss feels like. Bit by bit, your favourite songs get taken away from you until nothing but a beep is left.

The 30-second spot linked through to a free online hearing test at detuut.be. At the end of the test, if the result wasn’t as good as you might have hoped, you were shown hearing specialists and doctors near you.

That way, you could immediately book an appointment and face your hearing problems head-on.

The test, along with testimonials about hearing loss and tinnitus, were shared by some of Belgium’s best musicians. Daan, Black Mamba, dj Dimaro, Olivia Trapperniers from the OT, Wolfpack, Alex Callier, Pavlova, Lea Rue and Sean Dhondt all chose to shoulder the campaign.

This to further show music lovers that the problem is real, they are not alone, and there is something they can do about it.



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