The Six Pillars of Ghent University

Ghent University

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So humanly possible

De Zes


Make it human.

Ghent University is an icon in the city, and being a Ghent based advertising agency, we had hometown advantage. Ghent University knocked on SUPERMACHINE’s door to give the Six Pillars, the credo on which the university was built, a more human touch.

Originally, the values and mission culminated in a thick document describing the vision and objectives in clunky, academic language. SUPERMACHINE’s job was to make it available and understandable for a wider audience.

Dezes branding 05


No-nonsense and powerful.

The texts in original form were long and written in academic jargon. The goal was to make it accessible to a broader public, but in a style that fit both the target audiences and university: no-nonsense and powerful.

Changing the copy alone wouldn’t be enough, so we had to create a visually attractive style that could be carried throughout the website, in print and other mediums.

Dezes backgroundimage

Recognizably creative.

Copy was kept in style of the well-known “Dare to Think” slogans. Coupled with the broad target group in mind, the texts were rewritten into an easier to grasp and firmly-shortened whole with some feeling and character.

SUPERMACHINE entered the photo studio with appropriate props and put the resulting visuals into a fresh print campaign.

“De Zes" was easy to remember and chosen for it’s logic. Texts and slogans were translated into a logo, complete with a scrollable website; each pillar received a distinct handmade visual.


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