A breeding-ground for inspiration, culture, knowledge and innovation

De Krook

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With a clever, but slightly folksy, campaign.

De Krook


More than an architectural masterpiece.

The briefing for De Krook was twofold.
Firstly, we had to inform every single citizen of Ghent about the new building. That it was to become much more than just a library.

It was to become Ghent's new centre for culture, knowledge and inspiration. A place filled with curiosity.

And secondly, we had to tease every citizen in a way that they would come visit come opening day

Not an easy assignment, but SUPERMACHINE came up with a creative concept that met both conditions for 100%.


A spark of curiosity.

Nobody really knew what the new building was going to be used for. And a lot of people looked at it negatively. They saw it as just a library while it was to become so much more. A lot of citizens started speculating.

The neighbour to the aunt of the local bakery told the hairdresser that they’ll even have a room dedicated to reading a book in a weightless state. Allez, naar 't schijnt…. And that became our guiding light.. Allez, naar ‘t schijnt.

Dekrook posters


A burst of awareness.

We sparked the curiosity of Ghent’s residents by releasing five videos during the campaign, each with a well-known resident in the lead.

The residents were specifically chosen so that the different audiences could identify with one or more of them. The local celebrities represented De Krook’s themes of culture, education, innovation, media, and literature.

Leading conversions.

The posters ingrained the gossip and folksy language into the minds of residents, whilst the social media campaign got every single person in Ghent excited about The Krook and its endless possibilities.

We used posters and social media to make citizens of Ghent even more curious about the library.


More than 30.000 attended opening day.

De Krook was quickly seen as an integral part of the city’s landscape and has almost 6.500 daily visitors to thank for that.

Moreover, opening day was perceived as an experience every single citizen of Ghent should have shared. Allez, naar 't schijnt.

30.000 +

attended opening day


daily visitors


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