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Say it with a compliment.

March 1st, Compliment day, was just around the corner and Coca-Cola wanted to give their employees and clients something extra.

Something that would bring them closer together and brighten their spirits. Enter #complimentsweek.


Sweaty palms, weak knees.

Giving compliments is uncomfortable. It makes your palms sweat, you never know what you want to say and more often than not some half-formed sentence comes tumbling out of your mouth. “Uhm, yeah. Your ... scarf looks great.”


A solution through awareness

One day is too short, so Coca-Cola asked us to fill the week with compliments. Posters, stickers and postcards were made to inspire employees to try a new approach in giving compliments.

We wrote over a hundred different compliments, everything from the timid to the absurd, and spread them across the offices.

"You're the mayonaise to my fries"

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Even the elevator participated.

A voice-actor was hired to give compliments to people looking into the mirror. Something everyone does whenever they use an elevator. People seek recognition. And that’s exactly what our elevator gave them.

The pure idea of giving meaningful compliments soon spread across Europe and our campaign was visible in every single European country and language.

Conversions through participation.

Now that everybody was familiar with #complimentsweek, we wanted to give each of them the tools to compliment someone themselves.

We built a compliments generator. The generator held over one hundred different compliments, big ones and small ones, even falling to the ground funny ones.

Every single compliment could be personalized by adding your own photo using your own webcam, and was easy to send via email to a person whose day you wanted to brighten.


I'd like to put you on my pizza!

The campaign managed to reach people all over Europe, spreading over 30.000 compliments, convincing people that giving a compliment doesn’t have to be a moment of total discomfort, but could be the start of great conversations.

30.000 +



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