Happy Birthday, Sporza!


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Interaction above all.

Sporza turned ten and wanted to celebrate with its sports fans community as well as with stay-at-home parents, making it a wide target audience. Brand interaction was paramount so getting the most out of the existing platforms and style was key.

In addition, Sporza wanted to support the campaign with TV spots and claim as broad a public as possible.


Diving in the archive.

Sporza has a huge archive of images and sound, so we decided to go for gold and go for nostalgia. But dressed-up with contemporary style. In order to strengthen the relationship between viewers and the brand, we mapped the interaction.

What if we could let the viewers revive their favorite sports moment? And allowed them to give it their own personal touch?

Sporza backgroundimage 02

For the television ads, a humorous tone was emphasized.

The television spots needed to launch the interactive site to the general public, so we added some known Sporza figures.

We placed the most famous Sporza commentators in a daily situation - the kitchen, a shop, the back yard - and then recorded their own well-known soundtrack. Suddenly, cutting onions became a lot more exciting.

Son, whaddya do now?

SUPERMACHINE built an interactive platform at 10jaarsporza.be where visitors could attach a audio clip from the vaults to their own video. For example, your son-in-law's amazing goal of the weekend was suddenly cheered by Frank Raes and the cat’s big leap was lauded with the words of Kris Meertens.


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