Supermachine is ready to cuddle some new pups.


YoungDogs Belgium is a series of advertising competitions by which young creative talent is judged. It’s a playground where up and coming creatives can unleash their full potential and show us what kind of mad dog breed they have resting inside themselves. Something we, at SUPERMACHINE, are more than willing to get behind.

For many young puppers, these YoungDogs competitions are the first time they are confronted with real briefs, written by a real established brands. It’s the opportunity of a career when they are just starting theirs.

As an agency that’s always on the lookout for what new creative talent is bringing to table, we are heavily drawn to competitions where that young talent is able to fully express themselves. The choice to sponsor YoungDogs Belgium is therefore one that comes from the heart as well as from the mind.

“As a creative agency, built to innovate, we want to be the driving force behind that innovation. Innovation that often comes from looking at classic advertising problems through a new perspective; something YoungDogs is all about.”, SUPERMACHINE’s Managing Partner Elke De Vilder explains.

Get to know them puppers!