We have just won our very first Fairtime Award! Hella excited! The Fairtime Awards is a yearly creative competition organized by MEDIALAAN. We entered a radio script for de Tuut van Tegenwoordig, an organization battling tinnitus and hearing loss among young people.

Our script won first prize. Which not only means SUPERMACHINE is now in possession of the happiest creative department in the country, but de Tuut van Tegenwoordig will also get the airtime it deserves.

We convinced the jury with an atypical approach, a thorough understanding of the target audience and our never-ending fight for relevance. The script we entered manages to capture the attention of our target audience when they least expect it. Through a medium they - young music lovers - love: radio.

We begin with grabbing our target audience by their ears. It sounds like the music has started playing again, like the radio commercials are over. Our listeners start to relax and bob their heads. But something about the song will seem … off. It will sounds different, progressively more different. Progressively calmer. We end the spot with a message and a call to action - which we will keep secret for now. ;-)

We are more than happy with this award, but even prouder of the creation that has preceded it.