Spectacular Suzan & Joyful Justine


Suzan is a sucker for slick design.

Come meet our newest and most spectacular intern: Suzan Van Dijck! Suzan comes to us from Pinkeye and These Days. At that last agency she did some massively impressive work for Mazda. Everything from interactive banners to website design, even billboards, she has it covered. 

She’s a web designing wizard and a web developing hero. Front-end has very few secrets left for her. At SUPERMACHINE she’ll help our creative technologist Ward reach new levels of genius. We are more than excited to see what this spectacular intern has in store for us.

Justine wants to know everything advertising has to offer.

Justine Godar comes to us straight out of Howest, where she still studies communication management. At her university college she chose to specialize in advertising. And was hooked from te very first ad she saw. Justine wants to know everything. And, lucky for her, we do to.

At SUPERMACHINE Justine will help creative and account teams alike. Together we wil embark on a mission to make advertising better and more effective. We are extremely curious to see what this enthusiastic intern has to offer. Watch out, world. Justine is here.