Fantastical Fien did it again!


BREAKING: our Fien is saving parents all over the globe. Slight exaggeration: parents who shop at Colruyt.  Her idea, for which she already won a silver Young Dogs medal, is now being implemented by Colruyt. #Proud  Young parents often go to big household names over store brands. While Colruyt’s own store brand is of an equal quality. Fien came up with the idea of the Babyproefbox

A box filled with samples of food and care products, that young parents can order online. The boxes are filled with household names and store brands. That way, young parents give Colruyt's own store brands a try and get the chance to compare them to the brands their used to. 

The result is a happy customer, a happy Colruyt, and an immensely proud team surrounding our most fantastical Fien.