Don’t let your brainstorming go to waste.

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Did you ever have the feeling that
the 2 hour brainstorming session you just did, yielded exactly zero results? Did you ever feel frustrated by your own lack of ideas? Or your coworkers’ silence? Maddening isn’t it. 

Not everybody is a Donald Draper. And not everybody should brainstorm as one. Brainstorming was first conceptualized in the nineteen fifties. But the times have changed. Company culture has changed. And your brainstorming sessions should reflect that. 

Modernize your brainstorming sessions and find what works best for you. The nineteen fifties is a long time ago. It’s only normal that by now there is more than one way to go about brainstorming. You just haven’t found the one that fits you (and your team) best. 


So, you should experiment with brainstorming. You should try different approaches and you must be willing to fail a couple of times in order to succeed in the future.

Because it can be an enormous help in your creative proces. It can yield enormous results. If only you would be brave enough to make a few tiny adjustments. If only you were brave enough to experiment. To try something different.

Well, are you?

SUPERMACHINE presents Brrrrrainstorm techniques

You are invited to attend SUPERMACHINE’s second Culture Event about brainstorm techniques. On the first of Februari at Dok Noord 4D 002/b, our very own Loek Pieters wil introduce you (and your team) to different brainstorm techniques. Doors will open at 19h and the event will begin shortly after. Let’s inspire each other.

Interested? RSVP here!