This was Antwerp!

 P   Pop-Up Pop-Up Class Class

At SUPERMACHINE we organize this amazing event called Pop-Up Class, for the fourth year already! Time goes fast when you're having fun! It all started with a brief of our client Cronos, who wanted to get in touch with young potentials in a meaningful way.

And so it began.

Pop-Up Class saw the light in 2014 and continues to be thé moment in Flanders to get together with like-minded people. To listen to real and honest stories of entrepreneurs. Stories not published in books, newspapers or on Google. 

And this year, Pop-Up Class couldn’t have started any better. On the edge of my seat is where I spent my evening. On the first row. Front of the class. Just like the years before. 

But somehow this year does feel different. Am I becoming more mature? Is Pop-Up Class becoming more mature? Or am I finding this year’s speakers so overwhelmingly inspiring, that I can’t help but feel a tiny bit nervous? 

Sihame opens the evening and sets the bar for what is to come. And how. I can honestly say that I have found a new entrepreneurial role model. What a woman. What raw power. What perseverance. Her story is one that kept on giving me goosebumps. And not just me. Everyone in the audience sat silent, hanging on Sihame’s every word.

Sihame fights for youngsters. Young people who have found their passion, but haven’t the means or financial support to follow their dreams. “Walls are higher for some people, than for others”, she says. She describes how her journey as an entrepreneur started: the thousands of no’s, doors slamming shut, financial struggles and the long wait. The long powerless wait, when everything is out of your hands.

“And yet… the negativity, the frustration and financial hardship is something I just now started sharing.”

Sihame’s eyes become watery. I think I even see a small tear running down her cheek. The audience remains dead silent. They want to give her the pause she needs to continue. A silence that seems... 

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