SUPERMACHINE and Versele-Laga team up to fight for animal welfare.

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Versele-laga is an international producer of high-quality nutrition and care products for domesticated animals and pets.

SUPERMACHINE’s newest project is an awareness campaign that started on World Animal Day. A day when animal rights and welfare get the extra attention they deserve. SUPERMACHINE and Versele-Laga teamed up to launch the “Give a Paw”-campaign.


“Give a Paw” is a campaign website designed to help pets and owners in need. Visitors can give a paw by the simple push of a button. For each paw received, Versele-Laga promises to donate a healthy meal to a good cause. So far, over 5200 people have decided to help out. 5200 people gave 5200 paws and an equal amount of healthy meals for animals who truly need it.