We're looking for an experienced copywriter!

Copywriter? Copyrighter? Copyraider?

Are you able to stop audiences mid-sentence?

Copywriter? Copyrighter? Copyraider? As you can see, we are looking for an experienced copywriter, who lives to understand the world around him or her. Who wants to use his/her knowledge to create relevant solutions for brands.

A team player and big dreamer, who believes advertising can be so much more interesting than it is right now. Who spits words like Eminem, Obama and the Scatman in a rap battle.

And if you like coffee, we will be your coffeewriter! (Right? Right?)

You have at least 5 years of experience in advertising. Seriously. Please do not apply if you have less experience or no experience with advertising agencies at all.


  • Give your audience goosebumps through the right words and concepts
  • Think strategically and creatively
  • Dissect creative briefings into simple and intelligent solutions
  • Present in an engaging and inspirational way
  • Create engaging pieces of content
  • Write strong short and short long copy
  • Power up concepts together with the other creatives

Copywriter skills

  • You are fluent in Dutch (yes, you can be West-Flemish)
  • Knowledge of the Englishes or French is a plus (ah oui hohoho)
  • You are a superior storyteller (both written and verbal)
  • You are a creative mind, who comes up with killer creative concepts
  • You are passionate about advertising, marketing and communication
  • You are a team player who wants to build on ideas and make them better
  • You are able to work individually as well as in team with other creatives, strategists, producers and clients
  • You have experience writing websites, slogans, mailings, socials, posters, flyers, POS, radio, and television scripts
  • You are a master proofreader and a spell checking masjien
  • You are able to write a better call to action than the one below

What's in it for you?

  • A negotiable salary, money gun included
  • Love, a lot of love
  • The chance to grow through trainings, workshops etc.
  • Fringe benefits (insurance, food, that kinda stuff)
  • Stupid word jokes every day
  • An interesting and diverse package of clients to work for