You are a Creative Strategist aren't you?

 C   Creative Creative Strategist Strategist

You know how to position brands in our ever-changing society. You are willing to bravely look where no marketeer has ever looked before, in order to find award-winning and behaviour-changing creative insights.

You cannot wait to start building communication plans out of five strangely misspelt words from a client.
AND ON TOP OF THAT, you are willing to transform your strategic blabla into real-life concepts.

YES! That is right! You will be creating real advertising concepts with your fellow creatives here at SUPERMACHINE.


- Dissect complex pieces of information into simple, yet intelligent, briefings.
- Present insights in an engaging and inspirational way.
- Be the fuel to our creative fire.
- Collaborate with both creative and account teams to deliver work that creates impact.
- Build strong relationships with creative, account and client teams as well as with partner agencies.
- See growth opportunities and seize them.
- Lead presentations, both internal and aimed at clients.
- Create communication concepts from the briefing you created together with the team of creatives.


- An in-depth understanding of how our clients' businesses operate and the motivations of their various stakeholders.
- A passion for advertising, marketing and communication
- Ability to summarize information in clear, concise and impactful ways
- Superior judge of creative work
- A team player who wants to build on ideas and make them better
- Excellent ability to filter information and reveal insights
- Superior storyteller (both written and verbal)
- Ability to inspire others with strategic insights
- A creative mind, able to transform a briefing into a creative concept.


- +2 years of experience in an agency environment
- Quantitative and qualitative research expert
- Master of technological, cultural and media trends and practices
- Vast knowledge of cultural and human trends
- Experience in creating conceptual communication campaigns