Welcome, Thomas Henry!

Welcome, Thomas Henry!

Oh, we're over the moon with this new client. Or should we say “over the bottles?” Because our glass container reveals the truth. Can’t deny it. Welcome, Thomas Henry!

When Alcobrands had to pitch to add Thomas Henry to their brand portfolio, they needed a strategic and creative communication platform on which to build.

And guess what. They won.

SUPERMACHINE immediately started further developing the annual plan for 2020. With interactive installations at relevant locations, communication and social strategy for the whole year and an influencer approach that will surprise.

Curious about the result?
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Thomas Henry, the refreshment pioneer for Berlin.

He was a pharmacist, a visionary and a gentleman. To the very roots of his being. The one serving the world this way is the perfect name giver to the even more perfect selection of soft drinks. The first full glasses of Thomas Henry were served to experienced bartenders. Refined together with them, carefully, sip by sip. And then drunk up.

Thomas Henry stands for the best ingredients and a unique composition. More enjoyment for the final touch. Straight or in traditional long drink. Because a good gin or an excellent vodka does not deserve an average filler. Thomas Henry products are mature and have intense flavour and they look damn good- just as gentlemen should.