Dennis Claus exchanges R/GA New York for SUPERMACHINE.

Dennis Claus exchanges R/GA New York for SUPERMACHINE.

After nearly 10 years as a VP Executive Strategy Director at R/GA New York, Dennis Claus will enter the new decade at SUPERMACHINE. Together with Elke De Vilder he’ll lead the repositioning and growth of the agency.

“I’ve led many global teams for Samsung, Uber and DuPont but now it’s time for the next big step”, says Dennis Claus.

“Compared to New York, Europe certainly isn’t a downgrade. R/GA and New York themselves have been excellent learning schools, but at SUPERMACHINE I found the perfect environment to take the next step. The company holds the perfect blend of creativity and strategy, a lot of enthusiasm and above all, the potential to make a dent in the universe."

“With Dennis joining our team, we are adding international experience, and the possible partnerships we’ll need to grow. The upcoming years we’ll push through a rebranding and repositioning so the added experience is a big win”, Elke continues. “His arrival at SUPERMACHINE is part of the new management build-up at the company and our long term plan to lift the agency to a higher level. Oh, by the way, he’s a fun guy too :D.”

Fun fact

Dennis absolutely loves music. He didn’t bring much back from New York, except for his entire record collection. Needless to say, Niel is very disappointed he didn’t bring Pop-Tarts.