Say hi to our new Art Director Laid-back Louise!


Bang the drums, blow the trumpets! After a successful internship at Famous Grey and a great time at DDB, Louise has finally found her home.

She convinced us completely with her passion for creative work and her search for impact and behavioural change. Her laid-back personality but strong will to create meaningful campaigns matches the SUPERMACHINE team entirely.

“At first I didn’t see any open vacancies at SUPERMACHINE but I took the shot anyway. Hello, mailbox. I got invited for an introduction and I instantly felt the match. Their vision on how future marketing should look like, the company culture, the clients, the notorious after-works and the ambition they have.”

“One month later I feel truly at home. I’m part of the SUPERMACHINE family and my creative team buddy Fien is a charm. Trust me, I’m looking forward to what is coming. Oh, I can drive my bicycle to work nowadays. A relief after two years of commuting to Brussels. Let’s do this!”

Fun fact:
Louise, or ‘Lange Lou’ for friends, especially loves to dance. She even developed her own clothing line. Go check it out at!