In our humble opinion, we need fewer opinions.

In our humble opinion, we need fewer opinions.

A whole new world. We know, right?!

We also know that when the future seems even less certain than the present, crystal balls sell out quickly on Amazon. It starts raining opinions about what to do and predictions about what’s to come.

Stop spending! Keep spending! Shift spending!
We might never shake hands ever again!

Wait, no, we will hug even more post-physical distancing!

Grandparents will enter the digital era!
Gen Z will go analogue!

Inspiring stuff. Often comes neatly packaged in nice slides or thoughtful op-eds. But all these opinions are mainly good for banter during your Hangout happy hour; less helpful for action during you Zoom conference call.

The SUPERMACHINE team has dealt with marketing in times of crisis before. Train strikes, lethal accidents with self-driving cars and exploding telephones. Not the same as what is happening now, but we learned something simple.

Asking the right questions is more powerful than sharing your opinions.

More “what if” and less “what will” inspires scenario planning instead of predictions paralysis. It fuels imagination and innovation. After, asking questions starts a conversation between team members; not a Twitter debate between gurus.

- Less what can I sell, more how can I connect?
- Less what is my message today, more what is my story tomorrow?
- Less should I put on pants, because frankly you just should.

We will leave predictions and opinions to others. Except for this one opinion we feel strongly about: the world needs more questions to move forward.