Club Bruges and SUPERMACHINE celebrating the championship.

Club Bruges and SUPERMACHINE celebrating the championship.

On weekends, you can find our Dennis and Niel shouting and screaming in the Club Bruges football stadium. Even Elke once joined, commenting loudly on one of the player’s shoes. Fanatics, as we call it.

No wonder they were kind of disappointed the celebration of the Belgian championship title would lose power because of the coronavirus and the quarantine. So SUPERMACHINE decided to step in and gave Club Bruges the celebration they and their supporters deserved: an augmented reality cup to hold, kiss and pass.

“Club Bruges was very high on the list of clients Niel and I ever wanted to work for,” says Dennis Claus, strategic director at SUPERMACHINE. “So we immediately started brainstorming when Club Bruges was about to win the championship during the Corona quarantine. How could we make sure the supporters could decently celebrate the title?”

Kiss the Cup in augmented reality

Soon the idea grew to combine the fun of augmented reality with the sharing power of social media. We recreated the Belgian Cup into an augmented reality filter, added hand-tracking and convinced Facebook to accept our creation.

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We took the best videos and edited them into an aftermovie. This way Club Bruges had a nice souvenir to a strange champion’s year.

"Club was facing the huge challenge of making a champion's celebration without supporters something special," said Kirsten Willem, head of communications at Club Bruges. "With the all virtual champion celebration, we reached over 350,000 living rooms. With the Virtual Cup made by Supermachine, we even made it into the hands and hearts of our fans. A nice cooperation that turned out to be a great success, despite the strict deadline!"

And Dennis and Niel? Couldn’t be prouder Ruud Vormer and Clinton Mata were holding 'our' virtual Cup.