International Women's Day

What she said

I don’t want to fight twice as hard for a seat at the table. I’ll bring my freaking folding chair if I have to.

There. I said it. For those who don’t know me: I’m Elke, Founder and Managing Director at SUPERMACHINE. And you know what really grinds my gears? Hashtag-days like these.

#InternationalWomensDay #Valentinesday #Mothersday #InternationalDayOfHappiness #InternationalStoptMetZagenDay

For quite some time now, our team has been in the midst of a lively discussion on whether or not we should do something on this glorious but cold, winter’s day. Whether or not we should try and get some attention amid the endless stream of 50% discount hair removal gels and 1 + 1 anti-ageing cream brands, that scream down the throats of every single woman on the planet Earth.

Don’t get me wrong. Bring that anti-ageing cream. I’d love to make use of your promotion. But still …

We almost decided to do nothing. To say nothing. Because engaging in this rat race clashes with my personal, and our team’s beliefs.

Women are not the freaking same. We ARE equal. And it’s about time everybody realises this simple truth.

Earlier this very week I sat in a meeting full of men. And they ignored me. Highly educated C-level executives who hadn’t the desire to hear the opinion of a 33-year old girl at the table. It took over half an hour for one of them to realise: “Holy shitballs, she knows her stuff.”

Or how about our Fien, who has to sit and listen to the bewilderment of men when they notice a woman can actually be funny.

Or our Katrien who has to explain that her relationship needs no man. Time and time again. She’s a freakin’ fabulous lesbian. Deal with it.

Or Suzan, who bravely pushes her way through a world filled with male developers. Or Isaure who has to hear she’s aggressive just for stating her opinion. Or Stefanie who cooks, because she loves to cook. Not because she has to. Let alone that my own daughter wouldn’t be able to score a goal at soccer, because of her gender?

They don’t need a hashtag. They don’t need any special treatment. At SUPERMACHINE, we don’t need a ‘female’ quota.

They’re women. Fantastically talented human beings, who just want one thing.

Equal treatment. In every situation.
Every day.