Still looking for an internship next year?

Student Night

Come and talk to us at our annual SUPERMACHINE STUDENT NIGHT!
 Get to know SUPERMACHINE over a hot-dog and a beer, and who knows, you might go home with an internship for next year! 💙✌🏻

Now stop swiping on Tinder, cause maybe we are the perfect match.

We are looking for creatives with an insane sense of humor and attention to detail... Team players who are not afraid to stand out and show us who they are and what they can do. Little monkeys who don’t wait to move until someone asks them to. In return we’ll teach you EVERYTHING. And yes, you can play in our VR-room.

So soon-to-be Art Directors, Designers, Copywriters, Account Managers, Developers and Creative Technologists still looking for an internship... subscribe and prepare to be part of a SUPERMACHINE.