SUPERMACHINE sails right into Ostend’s arms.


Great news! Smooth sailing from here on out.

The city of Ostend chose us to create a fully immersive deep-dive into the history of its impenetrable Fort Napoleon.

“It’s a unique opportunity to fulfil a shared childhood fantasy and bring a fortress to life”, our Dunkin’ Dieter explains.

“Stimulating the imagination through rich and engaging content is something we do day in, day out”, Dieter elaborates. “In Fort Napoleon, we want to create an experience that stays with you, one that makes your visit to Ostend memorable. The result will be surprising simplicity, a combination of creativity and technology.”

We convinced the city and its tourism board with an experience that will trigger all your senses. An experience filled with West-Flemish for beginners and pros. One that is centred around the very things that make this Queen of the Coastal Towns so unique and great.

We can’t wait to show you what the museum of the future looks like.