Fantastical Fien and Wizardly Ward are the first YoungDogs winners!

Nice? Cannes!

Not all bark. One hell of a bite too.

Nice? Cannes!

This one is hard to write down. Especially because Fien keeps screaming down the phone. The names of the first winning duo of the YoungDogs competition are known! And oh my freakin’ God, amazeballs doesn’t even begin to describe the pride we feel. Our very own Fantastical Fien and Wizardly Ward are going to The Cannes’ Festival of Creativity.

YoungDogs Belgium is a community of young creatives organizing competitions with real briefings for real clients. It’s an opportunity for young creatives to prove themselves, spruce up their portfolio and win tickets for the world-renowned Festival of Creativity in Cannes.

And Fien and Ward’s idea managed to win it from more than sixty others in the Colruyt-pitch.
The briefing was to prove Colruyt’s main message “Always the lowest prices” to everybody, without using traditional advertising or commercial methods. Fien and Ward blew it out of the park with both their idea and strategic insights. Their hard work is now being properly rewarded.

“I can’t even describe how excited I am to meet the best creatives in the world at the Cannes Lions”, our Fien explains.