Test Aankoop is #EarToProtect you!

New work

We are proud to introduce you to our newest campaign for the Belgian consumer organisation Test Aankoop.

This time around we were asked to find a way to engage young people and convince them to enter a group purchase of custom made earplugs. But wait … do you hear that? That’s the festival season fast approaching.

If there is one thing Test Aankoop didn’t want to do, it was to disrupt the festival experience. They wanted to be a part of it. Hearing protection is often seen as a serious and -let’s be honest- quite annoying subject. We were tasked to make it fun. To make every festival-goer interested in custom made earplugs. Enter our giant walking and talking ears.

We’re introducing a new type of party-animal to the festivals. Our giant ears are ready to mess around, sing, dance and infect everyone with some more than welcome earplug awareness. They spread the message of www.eartoprotect.be, an online platform we set up, where everyone can enter the group purchase of custom made earplugs and even have the chance to win a pair worth 155 euros for themselves.

Be sure to say "Hi!" when you bump into them during the summer festivities. And don’t forget to enter the group purchase yourself here!