Fantastical Fien's Friyay!

Hooray Friyay!

SUPER-Verbeke Foundation

Each and every Friday we rush towards our deadlines. Because during the afternoon, we Friyay! Yes, it's a verb now. It's our weekly inspirational date with the team. A moment we choose not to work for clients, but work at bettering ourselves. And this Friyay, I got to pick our date location

Verbeke Foundation is a mega art collection, just outside our home base of Ghent. It started as a private gallery and quickly became one of the largest art collections in Europe. But don't you dare compare it to any other museum you might have visited. Verbeke Foundation is a mind-boggling, sensory-disrupting, gut-wrenchingly weird place filled with fantasy and long lost dreams.

It consists of 12 hectares of pure surprise and nature-inspired wonder, a mix of inside and outside exhibitions to fill your very heart and soul with awe. And thus the perfect place for us to get our creative brains tickled.

Each and every one of us had just one challenge to complete during the afternoon, to view the art and installations through our own advertising-hungry eyes. And to find pieces of art that could function as ambassadors for well-known or lesser known brands or causes. We were tasked to let the most bizarre pieces of art be the starting point in our new and wild creative endeavours.

- Fien