Fort Napoleon whispers its history

Fort Napoleon

SUPERMACHINE transforms the historical fortress of Ostend into a museum with a technological touch.

Don't be surprised if you suddenly see a lot of people standing with their heads against the wall in Fort Napoleon. Starting 5 October, the walls of the fort will whisper their history to you. Visitors will be immersed in stories about the architecture, the history, stories about the inhabitants of Ostend, the sea and the city itself.

"A creative idea and production of which we are particularly proud," says Elke De Vilder, managing director at SUPERMACHINE. "With invisible audio beams, we send very specific stories to the ears of the visitors. You can hear whispers up to one meter away from the wall. Further away, you hear nothing at all. The fortress becomes a beacon of peace and tranquillity. Furthermore, we leave the fort in its authentic character and use the existing environment as an element of atmosphere. This way, we can fully respond to the experience. Cool, right?"

From famous Belgian people to local fishermen

Discover how the fortress was built, learn more about the pentagonal structure or enjoy some cool good-to-knows. Each story takes about one minute and is available in Dutch, French, English and German. For children, the stories were shortened a little and adapted to children's language. Bluetooth beacons trigger the installations. For the Dutch voices, we used local heroes, fishermen, real Ostend people. Heidi Lenaerts, Belgian radio host, is the voice of the Dutch children's versions.