playField. introduced us to spect-actor-ship.

Culture recap

New rules to live by. What’s that all about?

At our last culture event, we were introduced to a new normal, a new set of rules for a fast-evolving world of entertainment. Interdisciplinary art collective playField. showed us what's up. And what's up is interactive and immersive entertainment!

playField. lives by the idea of breaking convention. Their art installations literally place you inside of a new world. A world where you can forget all about the stiff rules of the old one. A place where you can discover by doing, by playing.

In short, a place where the rules of the outside world don’t apply, and the audience decides what’s going to happen. So, everyone is responsible for the outcome of the play and the journey towards it. Your own input makes the experience memorable. But moreover, it makes it unrepeatable. Every single performance is slightly different because the people experiencing it are.

This sound hella complicated. But the young art collective assures us it isn’t. Because people are predisposed to act in certain ways and to react to certain sensations and stimuli.

If a light turns on in a dark room, people will naturally move towards it and search for meaning. If you reward them for that, by giving an extra piece of content for example, then you've established a rule; react to what you see and hear around you. A rule you can choose to break at any time.

Do I have to participate?

Participation is possibly one of the most dreaded words in any language. People are afraid they'll have to do something embarrassing or something they really don't want to. playField. hates that association. With them, you participate by playing. There is no grand stage you get dragged upon. There is only your new immersive environment and how you choose to interact with it.

Leave them asking more.

Another thing playField. doesn’t like to do is tell people what to think. It's far more interesting to let people's minds wander until they land on questions. To use the new world to make them question the one they have been living all along. That way entertainment can be more than a spectator sport. It can be a conversation, between people who have one thing in common: the search for meaning in everything.