The Creative Belgium Awards filled our bellies with fire

Creative Belgium

For the love of advertising.

Last week we - like most of the Belgian creative industry - flocked to the seaside. Like seagulls, we were drawn to Knokke in search of something to fill our bellies and hearts with.

For those who don’t know, each year the advertising industry gathers in the Casino of Knokke. There, we celebrate the best campaigns of the past year and award the people who were clever enough to come up with them accordingly. It’s a time to meet and greet the people who share our passion, the people we pitch against and those we look up to.

But it’s also the perfect moment to fill our creative hearts to the brim. To see new and exciting possibilities and let inspiration push ourselves to do even better in the years to come.

And inspiration is exactly what we got. Here are some of the best campaigns, according to the team.

Dunkin Dieter’s pick: Lidl’s Straffe Kost (BBDO Belgium)

It's all about your target audience. Lidl's Straffe Kost takes that mantra to the next level. "It proves that brands can provide real and relevant solutions to the problems of their consumers", Dieter explains. "And this campaign managed to do so in a way that garners sympathy from the entire nation, by finding a solution for a group of people most of us have been and all of us are familiar with.

Fantastical Fien’s pick: Special Olympics’ Dare to Sponsor (LDV United)

A campaign that makes you think. Even better, a campaign that makes you realise there is unjust being done. “Dare to Sponsor introduces you to the fact that being a world-class athlete is damn hard work”, Fien explains. “And still, we only praise some of them for their discipline and the sacrifices they're willing to make. For some reason, most of us don’t think of special athletes as real ones. Somehow we ignore their enormous efforts. And a campaign that wants to change our way of thinking, and succeeds at it, cannot be ignored.”

Dauntless Dennis’ pick: Kia’s The Commercial Brake (Mortierbrigade)

This TV-spot has stopping power. The Commercial Brake takes away one of the biggest pains of a TV watching audience: fast-forwarding through commercials, only to find yourself re-pushing the play button too late. This fixes that. “I love how they managed to use an old medium in such a relevant and new way”, Dennis explains. “It showcases the car perfectly and explains why breaking at the right time is as important as it is."

Buzzing Bjorn’s pick: Child Focus’ The Missing Poster Child (Wunderman Thompson)

It’s all about simplicity. Often the best ideas are the ones who take less time to explain. “The Missing Poster Child is one of those. Everybody knows the ‘Cassonade Graeffe’ sugar packaging, with a kid eating and smiling at the front. Heck, almost everybody has one of those packages stacked away in a cupboard somewhere.” Bjorn says. “I think it’s simply brilliant to use that and to just take the kid away. Suddenly he’s gone. Out of your home. Just like a missing person is."