Test-Aankoop brands SUPERMACHINE as the best possible choice.

Pitch win!

Oh- Hell to the Yeah! Let’s end the year just the way we started it: on a high note.

Consumer organization Test-Aankoop chose SUPERMACHINE as its new partner in the fight for consumer wellbeing.

Our society is currently standing on the brink of a new health revolution. And we, at SUPERMACHINE, are more than happy to start the fire that brings down the Bastille.

Test-Aankoop chose us to take the lead on their new food and health strategy. Together with the consumer organization, we will find new ways to engage the general public and inform them about the food they consume. SPOILER ALERT: candy is literally the worst.

So, put down that bag of chips. No, they are not as healthy as their potato-brethren. And prepare yourself for a massive cleanup on aisle “you”.