Everyone who sees this new Light For The World-video helps blind children see.

A view for a view

Today we launched our new campaign for NGO Light for the World: A view for a view.

“For once watching a YouTube video is enough to help a good cause”, our Creative Director Dieter Vanhoof explains. “Everyone watching this video will help a blind child see.”

The emotional moment when a blind girl, Walakifina, sees her mother for the first time was captured on video. And thanks to a clever sponsoring system, everyone who watches the video at www.aviewforaview.be will help a blind child like her to see for the first time.

We filmed the entire campaign in Tanzania with photographer and director Jef Boes. They got the chance to film in a local hospital, where doctors and nurses have made it their life’s mission to give blind children a future. Walakifina, the face of this campaign, is one of them. She was born blind in a country where 60 percent of blind children die within 2 years. Being blind in a developing nation is a death sentence.

The goal of the campaign is twofold. Firstly, we thought it imperative to raise the awareness for Light for the World Belgium, a great cause with a relatively small following online. Secondly, we aimed to raise donations and wanted to rally everyone in the fight against curable blindness. That is where the sponsors come in. Sponsors link their donation to a certain number of YouTube views. If the views are reached, sponsors will donate their money to the good cause. That way, even watching a video helps out. Everybody can do it. And every view helps.


Client: Light for the World Belgium

Creative agency: SUPERMACHINE
Creative Director: Dieter Vanhoof
Art Director: Fien Foubert
Copywriter: Bjorn Coucke
Designer: Dennis Hellebaut
Development: Suzan Van Dijck & Ward de Boeck
Strategy: Niel van Herck
Account Director: Elke De Vilder
Account Manager: Katrien Schockaert

Production Company: InitalsLA

Director of Photography: Jef Boes
DOP Camera: PJ Claessens
Montage: Joris Willems
Sound: Klankwerk

PR: Walkie Talkie
Social: SUPERMACHINE & Blue Zoo