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Don't stop (don't stop) don't stop the beat!

The time has come for us to unveil our FairTime Award-winning campaign. Together with legendary deejay Yves Deruyter, we will use the air time we won to convince young people to take better care of their hearing.

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SUPERMACHINE sails right into Ostend’s arms.

“Stimulating the imagination through rich and engaging content is something we do day in, day out”, Dieter says. “In Fort Napoleon, we want to create an experience that stays with you, one that makes your visit to Ostend memorable.”

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What she said

International Women's Day

For quite some time now, our team has been in the midst of a lively discussion on whether or not we should do something on this glorious but cold, winter’s day. Whether or not we should try and get some attention amid the endless stream of 50% discount hair removal gels and 1 + 1 anti-ageing cream brands, that scream down the throats of every single woman on the planet Earth.

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Fantastical Fien and Wizardly Ward are the first YoungDogs winners!

This one is hard to write down. Especially because Fien keeps screaming down the phone. The names of the first winning duo of the YoungDogs competition are known! And oh my freakin’ God, amazeballs doesn’t even begin to describe the pride we feel. Our very own Fantastical Fien and Wizardly Ward are going to The Cannes’ Festival of Creativity.

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A no bullshit campaign.

Advertising is most effective when it's simple, fun and hella creative. Check out these protein bar ads.

Who says no to fun content?

Light-hearted, silly, fun and weirdly lovable. An ad that escapes our real-world troubles and builds a place in which killing your goldfish is something to smile about. Kinda.

The First Instagram TV ad.

Mercedes-Benz launched the first ever Instagram TV Spot, honouring Bertha Benz, wife of Karl Benz.

A moment of dyslexia.

These ads use facial-detection technology to give passers-by a taste of what it is like to be dyslexic. The longer people look at the screens, the more jumbled the words and letters become.

Crashed Cases.

Volkswagen has made phone cases from crashed cars. The cases serve as a stark reminder that texting and driving leads to accidents, even deaths.

Mud Soldier.

Visit Flanders has put a Mud Soldier in London. It’s the perfect way to commemorate a battle that we may never forget. A battle fought on the very grounds we walk on every day.

Billboards beyond Borders.

Doctors without Borders transformed Google Maps into the ultimate censorship-free zone. Billboards beyond Borders is a campaign no dictator or authoritarian regime can ignore.


Your Song

When words aren't enough, we sing.

On World Compliment day, we thought it was important to look around us and look up at all the creative agencies that inspire us day in and day out, you crazy rascals. Today is a day to give thanks and to acknowledge greatness when it lies in front of us.

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Testaankoop Test Aankoop


Test-Aankoop brands SUPERMACHINE as the best possible choice.

Oh- Hell to the Yeah! Let’s end the year just the way we started it: on a high note. Consumer organization Test-Aankoop chose SUPERMACHINE as its new partner in the fight for consumer wellbeing.

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Everyone who sees this new Light For The World-video helps blind children see.

Today we launched our new campaign for NGO Light for the World: A view for a view. “For once watching a YouTube video is enough to help a good cause”, our Creative Director Dieter Vanhoof explains. “Everyone watching this video will help a blind child see.”

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Agile Anou

The first wave of strategic reinforcements has arrived.

Anou's arrival is part of our growing desire to interweave creativity and strategy more closely. So, no time to waste.

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