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Still looking for an internship next year?

Get to know SUPERMACHINE over a hot-dog and a beer, and who knows, you might go home with an internship for next year! 💙✌🏻

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Fort Napoleon whispers its history

SUPERMACHINE transforms the historical fortress of Ostend into a museum with a technological touch.

Don't be surprised if you suddenly see a lot of people standing with their heads against the wall at Fort Napoleon. Starting 5 October, the walls of the fort will whisper their history to you. Visitors will be immersed in stories about the architecture, the history, stories about the inhabitants of Ostend, the sea and the city itself.

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#VACAY is what you long for?

Are you longing for your next #vacay? A glass of wine on the beach or rather you and your backpack in the wilderness? Well, good news! For our newest customer we need your help and who knows you might win a travel voucher of 100 euro!

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Yes yes yes, finally! Frietjes eatings for life!

After a short but powerful pitch round, VLAM chose Walkie Talkie and SUPERMACHINE for the further development of their 'Week van de Friet' campaigns for the next three years.

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We’re looking for sidekicks between September and December!

We’re looking for creative sidekicks between September and December! So Soon-To-Be Art Directors and Copywriters still looking for an internship this year, apply and prepare to become part of a SUPERMACHINE.!

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Test Aankoop is #EarToProtect you!

We are proud to introduce you to our newest campaign for the Belgian consumer organisation Test Aankoop. This time around we were asked to find a way to engage young people and convince them to enter a group purchase of custom made earplugs. But wait … do you hear that? That’s the festival season fast approaching.

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SUPERMACHINE sails right into Ostend’s arms.

“Stimulating the imagination through rich and engaging content is something we do day in, day out”, Dieter says. “In Fort Napoleon, we want to create an experience that stays with you, one that makes your visit to Ostend memorable.”

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A no bullshit campaign.

Advertising is most effective when it's simple, fun and hella creative. Check out these protein bar ads.

Who says no to fun content?

Light-hearted, silly, fun and weirdly lovable. An ad that escapes our real-world troubles and builds a place in which killing your goldfish is something to smile about. Kinda.

The First Instagram TV ad.

Mercedes-Benz launched the first ever Instagram TV Spot, honouring Bertha Benz, wife of Karl Benz.

A moment of dyslexia.

These ads use facial-detection technology to give passers-by a taste of what it is like to be dyslexic. The longer people look at the screens, the more jumbled the words and letters become.

Crashed Cases.

Volkswagen has made phone cases from crashed cars. The cases serve as a stark reminder that texting and driving leads to accidents, even deaths.

Mud Soldier.

Visit Flanders has put a Mud Soldier in London. It’s the perfect way to commemorate a battle that we may never forget. A battle fought on the very grounds we walk on every day.

Billboards beyond Borders.

Doctors without Borders transformed Google Maps into the ultimate censorship-free zone. Billboards beyond Borders is a campaign no dictator or authoritarian regime can ignore.

CE_play Field


playField. introduced us to spect-actor-ship.

At our last culture event, we were introduced to a new normal, a new set of rules for a fast-evolving world of entertainment. Interdisciplinary art collective playField. showed us what's up. And what's up is interactive and immersive entertainment!

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Culture Recap

6 predictions for the future, by Jeroen Wils.

It’s no secret that journalists are having a rough time. The old revenue models aren't bringing in the big bucks anymore. Journalists get less time to write more. And their readers have grown to become news outlets themselves. Outlets that send out stories 24/7. What will the future of journalism even look like?

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Creative Belgium

The Creative Belgium Awards filled our bellies with fire

Last week we - like most of the Belgian creative industry - flocked to the seaside. Like seagulls, we were drawn to Knokke in search of something to fill our bellies and hearts with.

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Culture Recap

A Crash Course in Creativity by Leon Römer

Leon Römer gave us a crash course in creativity for creatives and ... well, for everyone as it turns out. He started the evening with a strong statement.

“Everyone can be creative.

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