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"Give us that SUPERMACHINE-touch, please."

The international manufacturer of quality pet food and care products Versele-Laga wanted a new end-of-year campaign. A campaign that showed their clients, employees and partners Versele-Laga appreciates everything they did for the company during the past year.

They were looking for a campaign that is cost-efficient, fun and personal, and fits inside everybody's mailbox.

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“We wish you a thousand cranes of happiness”

There is an ancient Japanese legend that promises a single wish to anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes. And together with Versele-Laga we did just that. The employees of the manufacturer folded a thousand origami birds and invited their contact to do the same.

Each mail the company sent out included an instruction sheet and a customizable folding sheet. The recipient of each of those mails, received a wish of happiness from Versele-Laga. They were invited to spread that wish even further.

Each of the folding sheets had room enough left to write a single wish on. So, you could write down your wish for somebody, fold the bird and hand the crane to someone you care about.


Elegant, cost-efficient and re-usable.

The beauty of this campaign lies in its simplicity. It’s something that is accessible to everyone. It’s a campaign that manages to transform digital objects (e-mails) into physical ones (the cranes). It is a campaign that is made personal.

It’s a perfect and original way to wish someone happiness through e-mail. It’s elegant and cost-efficient. It’s re-usable and timeless. And most importantly, it brought a smile upon the face of our client and ourselves.

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Bjorn Coucke

Fien Foubert


Account Management

Frederik De Zutter


Account Director

Elke De Vilder

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Sarah D'Hondt

Ellen Toye


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