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Be the easy answer to complicated questions concerning mobility and transport.

Mobility and transport are difficult subjects. Difficult subjects that concern everybody and questions everyone is concerned about. Subjects that are often shrouded in clouds of mist and misinformation.

Traxio, being the representative of the automotive sector in Belgium, knows this. The people they represent are facing more and more misinformed consumers, each and every day. Consumers who quickly google their question only to find answers that are often false and, sometimes, dangerous.

Traxio wanted to fix this. They wanted to guide consumers towards their own specialists. They asked SUPERMACHINE to give them a voice through which they could speak to end consumers.

"We had to start by winning the people’s trust."


A name that embodies trust. Shouted from the rooftops.

We had to channel that trust towards a single website in two languages. A site where laymen and women would be reassured. Where they could easily find an answer to all their questions about cars, bicycles and scooters.

Enter Enter
And bring in SUPERMACHINE’s content managers to make the content exciting and relevant. And most importantly: understandable. And unleash SUPERMACHINE’s strategists to bring new and fresh ideas. Let’s go inbound marketing!

We carefully dissected difficult and pressing questions about mobility, and answered them like somebody who knows nothing about cars, bicycles or scooters would. We made the answers relevant and immediate. Our UX and UI designers made sure the platform looked attractive and was as easily navigable as can be.

Once we were ready, our digital heros launched the website and started promoting it. On a very limited budget. We managed to receive an overwhelmingly positive return-on-investment. Through clever targeting, we reached our potential audience via Facebook and at the Belgian Motor Show. The results were mind boggling.



Reaching 700.000 in the first few weeks.

The result is a slick website, that’s intuitive and provides users with an answer to their every question. The result is a website people know about and people trust. In the first few weeks we managed to reach 700.000 people on Facebook through carefully targeted ads and content. Hundreds more were reached at the Belgian Motor Show, where was heavily represented.

The result is a website that’s not only live, but alive. Ever changing to remain a fixture in the life of the Belgian consumer. It’s an effective solution to the questions asked in the brief. It’s a perfect example of inbound marketing. It’s a relevant product that helped our client reach a new audience. And a product that guides that audience through every fase of the customer journey towards a Traxio-dealer.

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Creation & Development

Tom Vanhooreweder
Bjorn Coucke
Fien Foubert
Robin Leblon


Account Direction

Elke De Vilder


Account Management

Frederik De Zutter



Charles Tietard


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