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School is cool.

Syntra Flanders was looking for a way in which they could convince a generation of digital natives to choose for a system of dual education.

A way to make them think about something most of them dread: school.


What do you know?

Pupils have too few measurable practical experiences to write a convincing cv, which leads to unemployment among recent graduates.

They also don’t know what courses they should follow and often have no idea what dual education is all about.

And more than anything else, young people like to be approached in their own language, by their own peers, and through channels they are familiar with.

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They are quite aware of what they're going through.

We started off by approaching Gen-Z through the channels they know, which meant social was the way to go. This generation of digital disruptors finds their heroes in places filled with innovators and rebels. Places like Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat.

They hate buzzwords and everything that feels fake. So we asked the best social talent these platforms have to offer to incorporate dual education into their content. We asked them to do it their way, using their own words and expressing their own thoughts.

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Conversion is a game.

And we didn’t want to let all this authentic awareness go to waste. So, we built www.iedereen-mee.be, a gaming platform where young people can find out what interests they have, what study courses they like, how good they are at those and how they would function in a workplace-environment.

They also had the chance to build their very first cv. Something that will help them on all their future endeavours.


They're the future.

Through clever advertising on Snapchat and Instagram in combination with content made by the influencers on Youtube, we managed to get teens invested in their own education and future.

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Syntra Flanders

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