The inspiration source for culture, knowledge and innovation - how to introduce it in Ghent?

With a clever, but slightly folksy, campaign.

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An architectural gem, but there's more, much more!

The assignment De Krook presented to us seemed logical at first, but after thorough analysis, the essential question was divided into two key sections. On the one hand, it was necessary to communicate broadly via existing channels, with plenty of content concerning the new building and tease Ghent’s citizens to take part in the opening weekend. The message had to be clear, accessible to all target groups, and relevant for all ages. 

On the other hand, De Krook’s audience had to take notice. By combining the strengths of the various partners into a single creative concept, De Krook's synergy-focus with a bit of tongue-in-cheek caused the needed reverberations throughout the community.

"Not an easy assignment, but SUPERMACHINE came up with a creative concept that met both conditions for 100%."
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Allez, naar ‘t schijnt.

In the bid, we read “The Ghent residents are curious and interested but they still don't understand exactly what will happen at our site. Eventually he or she will know that a new library is being built, but that’s about it.” 

Everyone knows what happens when people get curious and don’t know the full story…they begin to make up their own version… Or they come together and fill in the missing pieces on their own: someone’s already heard that the cousin's daughter's information comes directly from the son of the person responsible for the color of the wallpaper in De Krook's offices—suddenly everyone is involved in making their own story of what De Krook will turn out to be. 

Yes, the new library is coming, but it's getting a lot more attention… It will be a fun place to meet people. Many cultural activities will be happening... It's packed with smart people. Inventors too, I think…. People are realizing that there are really cool projects. Like, take weightlessness for example. Apparently, in De Krook they even have a full space dedicated to reading a book in a weightless state at your convenience. Allez, naar 't schijnt…. And that became our guiding light.


But how do we reach all the Ghent folks?

We sparked the curiosity of Ghent’s residents by releasing five videos during the campaign, each with a well-known Ghent resident in the lead. The famous figures were specifically selected so that the different audiences could identify with one or more of the figures. The local celebrities represented an array of De Krook’s themes including culture, education, innovation, media, and literature. 


More than 20,000 attended De Krook’s opening.

That’s a crazy figure which we can’t help but be proud of. To top it all off there are now 6,500 daily visitors. We’re thrilled!

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