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Let’s fly. Let’s fly away.

Tour operator Neckermann launched their online travel buddy Compagnon, in order to attract a new and younger audience. It was a big success from the get-go. But it still missed something. Something digital and interactive. Something that made the platform the ultimate travel-buddy for everyone.

"Enter Neckermann’s innovation team, SUPERMACHINE!"


Experiences are better when they are shared.

We don’t need to hide from the fact that 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. Heck, only as few as 1% of them claim to have been influenced by a traditional ad. The opinions of their friends and social network are far more valuable to their decision making process.

Everybody wants to be an influencer. We all love to share our travel experiences online.

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Baby, you can be my Compagnon.

We transformed the existing Compagnon into a community of real travelers. A community who shares their travel experiences and is always working to check things off their bucket list.

Where normal social media or influencer campaigns lose their credibility, due to uninspiring content or a fade-out of the marketing budget, Compagnon had the chance to really thrive. The community lives on. It isn’t restricted by any budget. Soon, Neckermann became the tour operator with the biggest and most inspiring bucket list.


Compagnon attracted a younger audience than any classic campaign could. More than that: Compagnon attracted a community of people who love to travel and love to be inspired. People who think of the tour operator as the go to travel guide for checkin things off your bucket list.

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Creative Director

Dieter Vanhoof



Fien Foubert
Bjorn Coucke
Dennis Hellebaut



Suzan Van Dijck
Ward de Boeck
Robin Leblon


Account Director

Elke De Vilder


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