We gave Art&Craft an early Christmas present.

Exactly what they wanted and everything their clients needed.

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Short term ànd long-term results.

The e-commerce site Art&Craft was looking for a campaign that increased community engagement in the short term, and at the same time was able to yield long-term results. A campaign that is relevant to its loyal clients and is able to attract new visitors as well. All of that during one of the most important times of the year: Christmas.

"Differentiating in an already over-advertised period."


A Secret Santa tool for all Art&Craft’s clients.

The idea behind our Secret Santa tool was simple. You set up a budget and invite all your friends to take part in a gift exchange.

You and your friends then receive an e-mail to confirm. That e-mail also functions as a link to your personal page on our tool. On that page you have the ability to make a wish. You also see a name. The name of the friend you should buy a gift for, as well as his or her wish list.

Short term, it is a great campaign that solves two very real problems customers have. A problem of choosing and a problem of organizing. It’s also an idea that encourages engagement between Art&Craft and its customers, and between customers themselves.

App Screen Front View Mock Up

In the long-run it creates awareness for those who hadn’t heard of the e-commerce site before. And it encourages them to actively go looking for the website. We ran Google Ads to make sure we reached as wide an audience as was possible and Facebook ads to target specific groups. Groups we knew would be interested in our product.

But that isn’t the only way people found out about our Secret Santa tool. This was a campaign to be shared and experienced with family, colleagues and friends. Customers invited each other to take part. This yielded exponential results. One person invited three, four or five more. There were even people who invited twenty of their friends. And that is the key part. It doesn’t feel like advertising. It feels like an invitation by someone you already trust.


"It's all ‘bout the data It's all ‘bout the dam dam die die dam dam"

The campaign was also able to provide the e-commerce site with something they really needed: data. One of the most important things for an e-commerce site is the data customers willingly leave behind. But most of the time that data isn't really useful.

That is why the Secret Santa tool is such a god sent. It asks customers to set up a budget, that way Art&Craft gets an idea of how much their clients are willing to spend on products and gifts. Customers also get the chance to make a wish-list. A sure-fire way that will let Art&Craft advertise even more directly in the future. Digital, relevant and tailored to the client and its customers' needs.

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Bjorn Coucke

Tom Vanhooreweder

Ward De Boeck

Robin Leblon


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Joke Vincke


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Elke De Vilder

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Art & Craft

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