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28 million people in developing countries suffer from curable blindness. 52 euros is enough for an operation. It is enough to save them from almost certain death. Light for the World is thé NGO who gives those people a chance. They wanted to raise awareness and donations to their cause.

"60% of blind children die within 2 years"


People want to help

Many people wrongly believe watching and sharing a video by a good cause is enough to make a difference. For once we wanted to live up to that promise.



Sharing is caring

Walakifina was born blind in Tanzania. Her condition was a death sentence. Thanks to donations Light for the World received, however, she survived. We filmed her operation and the beautiful, emotion-packed moment when she is finally able to see her own mother for the first time. Everybody who saw the video, helped a child like her see too.

You can help a blind child see

The emotion-filled video was placed on YouTube and pushed on social media. Everybody who encountered it had a chance to save a life.

At companies could sponsor the video. Companies pledged to give thousands of euros once certain amounts of views were reached. That way, every single person watching the video, really helped a blind person in Africa see.



a real eye opener

Together, sponsors and viewers saved the lives of almost 2.000 people. People who were born blind or became blind during their lifetime, suddenly had a chance at a future.

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